Little Shop of Horrors

SLS and The Schlesinger Theatre, MHS are once again collaborating to make awesome Theatre.

With William le Cordeur firmly at the helm, we dip our toes into the horror-comedy that has has titillated audiences since the 80’s. The Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of a florist who discovers that he has a flesh-eating plant… but business is b(l)ooming… what should he do..?



SLS partners with So Lwazi Multi Tech

SLS is proud to announce its collaboration with the newly formed So Lwazi Multi Tech. SM is the brainchild of Bonga Mswane and promises to deliver exceptional technical system design and support in the live and installed technical production fields.
So Lwazi Multi Tech is a level 1 BBBEE company, wholly owned by Bonga. SM is made up of Bonga (CEO) & Mike Wiblin (Managing Director). Their combined skills compliment each other allowing them to offer expertise in many technical production disciplines.